Thora Svendsdatter (Svendsen) and her husband, Andreas Henrik Arnold
Froböse. Original in possession of Richard E. Turley Jr. and Shirley Swensen
Turley. For a photograph of Thora in her later years, click here.

Born: 2 Apr 1864
Place: Glitre, W Bærum, Akershus, Norway
Died: 25 Jul 1944
Place: Holmestrand, Norway
Buried: 1944
Place: Holmestrand, Norway
Cause of death: Killed by a German military truck in World War II.

Husband: Andreas Henrik Arnold Froböse (1867-1933)
Married: 9 Apr 1893
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Child 1: Dagny Froböse (1895-1975)
Child 2: Ellen Froböse (1897-1988)
Child 3: Arne Froböse (1898-1957)
Child 4: Kai Froböse (1900-1960)
Child 5: Liv Froböse (1902-1982)

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