Ole Swensen (1861-1929)


Y.M.M.I.A. Mission to Sevier Stake, November 20, 1902, to March 1903

Nov. 20, 10 A.M.

At the missionary meeting appointed and held in the 14th Ward assembly hall were present Joseph W. McMurrin, B.F. Grant, Thos. Hall, besides between 40 and 50 missionaries.

After roll call and a few instructions from the named brethren each of the missionaries stated their feelings regarding the mission and if they had performed missions before. All expressed a willingness.

Afternoon meeting at 2 p.m. commensed with the presence of Apostles George Teasdale, John W. Taylor, Mathias M. Cowley, and other Brethren of the board with a brother Morris also of the board, not to omit Frank Taylor who assisted and dividing in groups the missionaries were set apart for their labors.

We were promised good things if we were faithful and that the blessings should not only be with us but also with our wives and children at home.

In this meeting many interesting incidents from the missionaries, of the Apostles, also from Frank Taylor were related. A meeting was appointed for the evening at 7 p.m. and wee were promised then to be sentenced.

Evening meeting began, I was favored to select songs and lead the same except the closing. After some good council from the Brethren Tanner (Not the Prof.) but one of the board, and Brother Thms. Hull, the destination of the different brethren were read off and anxiously waiting. I was assigned to the Sevier Stake, and on Saturday morning taking train on the R.G. Western I arrived in Richfield 4:40 evening was soon taken care of.

Nov. 23

I find here a very intelligent people, still very common in their ways and no stuck up spirit have I yet found. The Bishop is a young man YOUNG small and between 30-40 years, nice man. Visited Sunday School with one counselor in same with whom I stay, whose hospitality and home I am enjoying. He is also counselor in Mutual of Stake. The school was fine and gaining some information, making some few friends and speaking to the school, I enjoyed the visit.

At meeting 2 p.m. I met Bishop YOUNG, was introduced to the people as a Y.M.M. Missionary, also had the privilege of speaking in the large Tabernacle. This building has a history, it is the 2nd of the kind, the first burned at its near completion in 1897-8 but the people being determined went at it again and have now a fine building, seating about 3000 persons or so. In the evening I had the privilege of listening to a lecture of Prof. Hickman of Provo, subject: Life of Christ.

Nov. 24

Was trying to find a way of reaching the Stake President of Mutual, but did not succeed, have however met both counselors.

In the evening, in company with Brother Frank Segmiller, I attended Priesthood meeting, the different Quorums met together for opening exercises then departed to different departments and I met with the Seventies, which had an interesting meeting, subject: "General Salvation and the reward of Life." After the discussion I was called by the President and spoke about five minutes, time being far spent.

Nov. 25

After a good breakfast, I chopped some wood and then went down town to see what I could learn of my labor.

Nov. 26

Succeeding in reaching Bro. Magleby through the phone. Magleby is the Stake President of Mutual, together we had a short meeting here in Richfield this afternoon in which it was decided that I commence laboring in Redman in the north end of the Stake.

Partook today of the hospitality of Bro. Lauritsen. Having been invited I spent the night at Bro. E.P. Bean's house. At Mutual Tuesday I met Ray, one of the sons who invited me to come to the house, this young man was somewhat a little ruff in his ways, he met with sickness and was fastened to his bed, he was taken to Manti Temple for his health now his health is greatly improved though he walks on crutches but is up early in the morning and gets around better than many with good health, and limbs. I was struck with the gentle manly manner in which he treated me, he would entertain by asking questions on doctrine and we had a pleasant evening.

Nov. 27

This is Thanksgiving Day, the young brother was up at seven and so was I, and coming out in the kitchen he soon had warm water in a basin prepared for me to wash. After a good breakfast he showed the same attentiveness. When I asked to be excused as I had an appointment to call on the President of the Stake, this done I called on Brother Chidester, where I ate a good Thanksgiving dinner and stayed all night.

Nov. 28

Being up early I mailed a letter to my wife with an order for $10.00 inclosed, me not needing much money, I thought my wife needed it worse. Taking the train North for Salina I arrived there in the forenoon and soon found and made the acquaintance of the President of Mutual, Brother Aug. Erickson (Taylor) a very nice man. Having a nice dinner first I had a chance to ride with a brother Nielsen to Redman, and arriving there I met with the Pres. of the Mutual, Brother Chris. Jensen, and after talking a while with him he appointed a Brother Hansen to accompany me out among the people and we met and I was introduced to a number of nice and healthy looking young men and also older; among them one who felt quite hurt in his feelings. We talked encouragingly to him and hoped to be able to do some good to this man. Going home with Brother Jensen, I cut the night wood and he milked the cow.

Talking with Sister Jensen she inquired of Brother Joseph S. Robison with whom he had some pleasant acquaintance. Spoke of his gentlemanly pleasant way.


Life is real! Life is earnest
And the grave is not its goal
Dust thou art to dust returneth
Was not spoken of the soul

Nov. 29

Have visited around among the young men and hope that seeds have been sown that in the future will spring up and bear fruit. Met with a young man who have just lost his wife through typhoid fever, many here are and many have been sick, but this is the only death.

Nov. 30

Being Sunday and Brother Jensen, where I stay, was away from home, I was up 6:30 and made the fire. Sister Jensen had her work to do and when done together we saught the Sunday School, after visiting the different departments with Brother Jensen, a counselor of S.S. I had the privilege of speaking to the school. For dinner I was at Brother Charles Jensen, a fine good man. At the Sacrament meeting I had the privilege of speaking. Read the 22nd Chap. of Matthew also enjoyed listening to several other brethren.

The Father Jensen one of the Pioneers of Raymond lives here with his next oldest son, here the oldest living in Salina 4 miles away and is the Bishop there, the Bishop here is also his son, and so is the Pres. of the Mutual. Half of the town seem to be his family, all good people too.

Dec. 1st

I enjoyed meeting young and old men. Singing, reading, and talking and in visiting to the mutual meeting tonight. Pertook of the kindness and hospitality of the people.

The meeting was the most interesting I have yet seen, of the kind. The Junior class had an attendance of 26. The lesson was well prepared and but few were absent. Having an opportunity, I spoke to the boys briefly on word of wisdom and the necesity of keeping themselves in proper trim in order to enjoy a rich portion of the Holy Spirit. In the Senior department were 30 present. Two strangers, visitors and the same interest seemed to prevale. In speaking, I read the 36 and 37th Psalm, and advocated subscription for the Era; received an invitation for the next day.

Dec. 2

Visited several homes talking and singing. Met two brethren who did not seem to take any interest and seem to declare the same with a boldness of ignorance, nothing very pleasant to meet. Bore testimony to them.

Had an encouraging conversation with a young family, hope to do them some good. Also had a good time in the evening with a young family, young in the church, they were very much encouraged.

Dec. 3rd

Visiting from place to place we met and talked with quite a number of men of Mutual age; among them I found one that would not speak with me, but I feel to try to see him again. Have had a good time visiting around and have no doubt done some good. Spent the evening at a Brother Hansen being the folks themselves, two boys and a grown girl that have been sick with the typhoid fever, we spent a pleasant time the family seem to feel good.

Dec. 4th

Have visited some more of the sick people, Bro. Sorensen's and Bro. Hale. There has been a seege of typhoid fever raging here but the people have been remarkable blest. Having one death, a wife of a young man with the name Peder Andersen. At the first he took it pretty hard but he soon was reconciled and seem to acknowledge the hand of the Lord.

Brother Hale's was saying while he was sick he saw a bright being standing up in the air having a while robe and opening the clothing in the front he threw some books and said, "When you have learned these you will go do Germany on a mission", after this Bro. Hale's could read and understand the German language at the time.

In connection with a young Bro. Yorgensen, visited a young couple Bro. and Sister Pedersen in going there we knelt down at the side of the road and asked Heavenly Father to bless these people and to bless us in what we may say, we had an enjoyable time, and believe we did some good.

We also visited another young couple, whose name is Poulsen here also we spent a pleasant time.

Dec. 5th

The President here has made it a practice to call several of the young men to visit with me around, and it has proven a blessing to the boys. Much thanks is due Bro. and Sister Jensen for their kindness. I have had a good home here and have enjoyed their hospitality and feel that i have had a fine time while here.

A Brother Jensen took me with a team and buggy over to Arora where my next labor will be. In coming in here I met Bro. Ivie and family. At once I could feel that warm sympathetic spirit that animates a true saint. I was taken in to enjoy the hospitality of their home; though humble as long as I stay here. Bro. Ivie had also received a letter from Bro. Magleby calling him to assist me in the work while here, as a pardner. I was introduced to Bro. Durfy, the president of the Mutual here, as they had a little girl sick they did not feel so very good.

In the evening there were five brethren administering to the child, I having the privilege of sealing the anointing. There seemed to be an encouraging spirit present.
We went down to the wedding dance a while until some of the boys commenced to taping bottles when they became noisy and we soon left for home, met many young men.

Dec. 6th

To judge by the bottles the boys carried home in the morning there must have been a sight of rioting at the dance, and there is an indication that there is some work needed. In going over to Brother Durphy's I found the child much better and the mother seemed much encouraged.

Having visited some houses and also found some young men on the street, we had a splendid time and the spirit seem to be willingness to receive good council.

I appreciated more and more the gift of singing, it is a splendid thing for missionaries. Though our singing may not be first class, the people seem to enjoy it. Had some good talks with the people. Attended an educational meeting in the evening to speaker was a Brother Jensen from Ephraim, principle in school in Salina. In speaking with him after meeting I found that he was well acquainted with Brother James Frost my companion part of the time while on mission in Norway. We had an interesting meeting, after which we administered again to the sick little girl. Singing and talking after we came home we retired to rest about 11:30. Met Br. Parmer, president N.W. Mission.

Dec. 7th

After toilet I visited the house where the sick baby was and found it much better. Today is fast day and we are fasting. Visited sunday school, bore my testimony. Attended fast meeting bore my testimony here and we had a good meeting. The Bishop was giving to the people many valuable instructions from priesthood meeting. Also brought me regards from the president of the Stake Prs. Segmiller. In the evening the young people met and had a good turn out and a good meeting, had the privilege of speaking. The spirit suggested that there are two parties; of Satan and the Lord. The Lord's party having the best principles and his party being the one who will win in the end, let us all labor for that side.

After meeting I met with the Bishop and the president of the Mutual and talked over the grading of the mutual, they seem to think that it would not work and I felt to promise them that it would prosper if they would go at it right and in the right spirit.

Dec. 8th

Being a little late in starting, it seemed as though it was a hard thing to get the spirit of our work, and Brother Ivie my companion having to meet with a committee in the afternoon we did not accomplish a great deal. Was invited to a Sister Payne whose husband is in England on a mission where we had a good time.

Dec. 9th

After asking the lord to bless our labors for the day we persued our journey.---At the 2nd house we visited we found out after talking awhile that a young man of the home seem not to believe anything pertaining to the gospel, though his parents being good respectable people in the church. The young man apparently had been away from home and in that kind of company that would naturally engender such a feeling, every thing was right but the church and its leaders. Asking him if he did not think that being associated with that kind of influence naturally would create that kind of belief and that being under good influence for a length of time would change his belief; he rather had to admit that, that was about right, and we urged the young man to stay home and save his faith and his soul. We had a busy day and felt well with our labors.

Dec. 10

Having our usual morning exercise we again took up our labors, it being on the outskirts, we had some walking to do. Worked hard all day and walked about 8 miles. Attended priesthood meeting, in the evening learned that the trusties was about to close the school house against the ward, it being their only house for dances, meetings and all. The people seem to feel that it was a good thing as they would be obliged to build one of better accommodations, at least for amusements. For the size of the place the school house is a credit to the place.

Dec. 11th

We had quite a walk visiting a man living outside of town having a pleasant time with the family, found a good spirit, also visited the school which is very good, Principle Eacard Jones and Mess. Segmiller, being the teachers.

Dec. 12th

I am finishing my labors in Aurora. Today have had a pleasant time and hope to have done some good.

Dec. 13th

Being quarterly conference in Richfield, in connection with three more brethren I visited that place. Attended meeting in the afternoon also in the evening the latter being attended by Apostles Teasdale and Smoot, Who gave us some very good instructions.

Dec. 14th

Visited Sabbath School, the Apostles also being present with Bro. Owen of the Board. An eleven o'clock meeting in the Tabernacle was taken up, also at two in the afternoon. We had a feast on the fat things pertaining to the spirit; met several good friends. Also received 3 letters from home reporting that all was well.

Finding the Bishop of Vermillion on the way back from Richfield I stayed with him over night, and in the morning finding Brother Ivie, He who had been appointed to labor with me, here we started on our labors in this ward. In our first house we did not meet with much success. We met two young men but neither of them gave us any satisfaction for the Mutual, we talked to these boys and preached the Gospel to them. This unbelieving condition we find to be the result of bad company and neglect of church duties.

Vermillion is a little town of about 20 families. They have a school, a station, a post office. As there is no Mutual here one must be started. Promised Brother Ivie that after we had visited that he would have 20 members for Mutual.

Dec. 16th

We had a good time visiting around today and according to appointment we met in the kind of sociable at Bro. Stringham's house where nearly all the ward was gathered; after a pleasant program we partook of a light lunch and disbanded. Being invited I spent the night here.

Dec. 17th

Bro. Ivie meeting me here, we administered to a little sick girl of the house suffering with heart trouble.--In the evening according to appointment the Mutual was organized with Bro. Oscar Ivie as president. Ex-president Albert Gledhill secretary and with a membership of all told 22. We had an excelent turn out for this place.

Dec. 18th

In finishing up our visit we found 2 more members for the Mutual making it 24, more than making my promise good. we have had many good talks with the young men of Vermillion and feeling that I have left a good influence in that place.

Dec. 19th

Bro. Oscar Ivie took me in a buggy over to Salina.

Dec. 20th

Not feeling well I was in bed some of the time, but feeling better toward evening, felt like they might like to hear from me at home so sat down and wrote a long letter for Christmas.

Dec. 21st

Visited Sunday School, spoke to the children or the school. At meeting, which was held in commemoration of the Prophet Joseph Smith, mingled my voice with others in speaking. To singing practice in the evening. Salina has a splendid choir and a good leader; thought may not be as good in religion as would be desired. Bro. Geo. Casto being called to assist me here in my labor, has gone to Ephraim but will be back after Xmas. In visiting around I have had as companions, Brethren A. Ericksen, brother of Aug. Ericksen; John Nielsen; Seeman Hugentobler, George Casto and Will Humphreys. George Casto being the one called to assist me, being with me the longest and having been on a mission the same as myself, we had a good time together trying to encourage young men to take hold of the Mutual work and other works in the Church.


Jan. 1st

I was well and all was well at home spent the day quietly.

Jan. 2nd

In company for the last day with Bro. Casto, we made a trip to the outside of town to a neighborhood of Murphies where we spent the day pleaslently, part of the time assisting in hoisting Ice out of a pond near by after which we exercised in jumping and other tricks. Bro. Earnest Murphy, a young man and secretary in the mutual arranged to have the neighbors come together in the evening for meeting, sent his wife's sister to town to invite a few and in the evening we had the house full and a very pleasant time. One of Bishops counselors also present. We also had with as an old sister that was acquainted with Joseph Smith, whom we also called on listening to some of her relating of the Prophet Joseph she had heard him preach his last discourse. The Gentiles had said that he should not preach another sermon, but Joseph said he would preach if it rained pitchforks, and he did preach thought the rain fell in torrents and this sister said it was water nearly up to their ankles.

While here in Salina the Choir had a fare lasting five nights the proceeds being about 200 dollars, going to pay for an Organ and the Choir leaders fee. Salina is said to have the best Choir south of Salt Lake City. Though Salina has a bad name for the outside on account of her Saloons, but conditions are fair. Have a $12,000 school house and six teachers in same, it is the largest and most accomodative house I have yet seen, and it builded of rock. Should have mentioned there are about two thousand inhabitants here of which the L.D.S. are the great majority.

Have one Presbyterian church, four Saloons and two Hotels. Two blacksmiths, several stores and a small roller Mill at the mouth of the Canyon.

In going around this town traces of the old Indian time is yet to be found for instance: around the Tithing yard is a rock wall which now is patched up but once served as a fort against the Indians.

In my visits around we found a brother now about 44 who when he was 11 years of age was one day herding cows with his brother and the Indians coming upon them, and they having their ponies staked a distance off could not get away the oldest plunged into the river but was shot before reaching the other shore and was never found again. The younger was shot with five arrows which they again pulled out and left the boy to die, but laying there all day was discovered toward night, having crossed the stream and was on his way home. The cattle and his brother was not found. One arrow pearsed his arm, one was broke off with the spike yet in his side being drawn out by plaster and three of them struck his head and as a miracle the boys life was preserved. He is now a healthy stout man, trying to live his religion and have a nice family.

Jan. 3rd

I had for my companion a young brother Will Humphreys, we are now gleaning up those who in our travel was not found.

Jan. 4th

Being fast day I observed the fast, took in Sunday School, fast meeting, bore my testimony with others. Took dinner with the Marshal, who also is Choir Leader. Was at Scandinavian meeting in the evening. While in Salina I administered to one person, a sister that was sick.

Of sickness in Salina, there is one or two cases of Typhoid Fever, three houses quarantined with Small Pox and one with Diphtheria.

Jan 8th

Having satisfied the Bishop and the Presidency of the Mutual I took up my grips and riding with Bro. Prouse, we reached Segurd about noon where we met Bro. A.M. Andersen who had been appointed to assist me here who also made me welcome to his home while here. Bro. Andersen has been in Sweden on mission, is newly married and a very goodhearted and otherwise a good kind man.

Jan. 10th

We have now visited all the should-be members of the Mutual and have had some good talks with some of them spending in each house from 1 to 4 hours trying to work them up to doing their duties in the Church.

Having suffered some since here with some kind of itch, I was a little bit afraid it might be pox, but having faith I prayed to the Lord to bless me and I have been made to feel that there was no danger.

Jan. 11th

Being sunday we attended Sunday school and spoke a short time to the children. Met with Home Missionaries from Richfield, Brother Jensen and_____________ at 2 o'clock we attended sacrament meeting, the missionaries occupying the time and we had a good meeting.

A meeting in the evening was held under the auspices of the Y.M.M.I.A. Association. The time was given to me and a lecture on the plan of Salvation in plain terms was given. Death came upon all men through disobedience of one and also righteousness came to all men by ones righteousness and obedience and as death was the result of obedience to an unrighteous law, so is life the result of obedience to a righteous law. The whole people turned out to the meeting and we had a good time.


The people of Sigurd are not many but good people. Some attended this meeting that hardly ever did attend.

Also received blanks for reports of my labors., to be reported as follows: No. visited, cottage meetings or conversations, public meetings. how many enrolled, No. refused, not enrolled, No. of Missionaries, are they at work? How received?

Jan 12th

Was transferred to Venice by Bro. Anderson taking me there. Bro. Andersen having married last spring we agreed if the first be a son he should write me a letter.
Bro. Buchanon had been appointed to assist me here on the labor in S.L. City, has also been on a mission to the states. They are very nice people and there is a good spirit with them. This brother is the first with which I get along with in singing, both him and wife are good singers and I anticipate a good time here in visiting.

Jan. 13th

The morning cold and fresh no snow and it is a grand sight to see the flowing wells around here sparkling water trickling from two inch pipe. The Bishop told me his well, such a one, cost him only about $30.00. The stream will water a good sized garden. on one place there were two of these wells, two and ¼ inch giving a nice stream. **A SON & a letter.

Visited among the people finding few at home. In the evening we attended Y.M. Mutual, the boys especially being well interested Not having the association graded I advised that it be done and it seem to suit the boys to have the junior Manuel. Also advised the making up of the program and have it read a week ahead.
These two features with promptness on the part of the leaders will make any association a success, will at least bring better results.

Jan. 14th

Had a hard time finding any at home.

Jan. 15

In going to a house in the evening. on entering the door we came in to a room filled with people of the ward. I thought at first that we had intruded, but the President of the Mutual called out SURPRISE for Bro. Swensen, and resorted to the school house. We were entertained by a program and lunch. $3.00 was presented to me as a token from the Y.M.M.I.A. to assist me in my missionary work. It was to me (as intended) a total surprise.

Jan. 16th

Visiting those whom we had not heretofore found, we finished the visit here.

Jan 17th

Bro. Buchanon transferred me to Glenwood where I met the Pres. Bro. Fred Healer, where a newcommer a girl had arrived 5 days ago. In connection with him we made a visit to one house to start the work, had a good family meeting.

Jan. 18th

Being sunday I attended Sunday School. where a good time was had. Bro Petersen being superintent; with others I had a chance to speak for a few minutes. I attended the Theological class where the Holy Ghost was discussed. The Bp. being the teacher. The class was quite large and an interesting time was spent. In the afternoon we had returned missionaries speak and I spoke about 3 minutes. The Bp. kindly gave out a meeting for evening which was appointed at 7, but on account of some misunderstanding of the Mutual officers it commenced at 7:30. The time was given to me and the subject: The plan of Salvation was spoken upon. A good choir and audience present.


Is an old town and have a good people, have no Saloons and the young men many of them are working in sheep camps. Those who stay home are good t attend their duties. The people have just finished a new meeting house costing some over $5,000. It has a first floor on top of the ground builded of rock, the upper story is of brick and is a very fine place and a credit to this ward.

Being a Seventies meeting here today Bro. Frank K. Seegmiller a councilor in Stake mutual Presidency arranged that I go from here to Annabella, from there to Central and then to Elsinor. The small pox are at Annabella, still with faith in the Lord I must fulfill my duty hoping the spirit will be my guide.

Jan. 19th

Bro. A.K. Hansen another counselor who lives here thought it unwise to go to Annabelle, and to some extent I myself thought so and almost decided accordingly, but in the night I dreamt that I spanked a boy right lively, still did not know why so, concluded; it was me that aught to be spanked for not going as I was directed by those over me and so the next day I went to Annabella.


In the evening we had Mutual meeting, spoke to the young men, also to young ladies being reassembled. Meeting well attended.

Jan. 21st

Visited the school Bro. G. Casto principle of the school is very good, showed me some of the best work done by a Miss. Oldroyd, a good teacher. The school was orderly and nice. Coming there we found three red small pox flags and the town pretty badly excited. Putting up at the President and getting a pardner we commenced visiting the town. Some of the people was not alarmed and the town was divided as to the advisability of stopping school and other gatherings. The quarentine decission with the town Marshel felt that they could control the trouble if people would be wise, without stopping anything.

Jan. 22nd

My patience have been greatly tried with slow men assisting me in visiting, in going out this morning with the President to hunt a pardner, and not finding anyone that could go I suggested a man I met in coming into town, we called and he was willing to go. The family of the President in waiting for him, a little felt that he was not up to much, but he proved o be a good man and a good companion, and we did a good days work.

Jan. 23rd

My patience has been tried by waiting for someone to go with me out. The president of the Mutual being the one and it is no wonder that the work is a drag, the wrong men in many places is at the head and the head being a drag how can the rest but be?

Wrote a letter home to my folks having received letter Yesterday.

Jan. 24th

Having Bro. Dykes for companion he is the school teacher here a bright little fellow, also counselor in Mutual. Among the several we visited today was Brother Rolla Gauchey, I was lead to promise him if he would come to meeting that he should not take sick and he, if he would live right, his family would be all well.

Jan. 28th

Having visited all the ward I have found many good people, have found many good boys very few smoking and have heard no swearing here in a week, several have joined the mutual.

Regarding the mutual I can say that the presidency are trying to do the best they can and I hope they will get along well.

Small pox are not spreading and the sick are getting better.

A terrible storm raged last night that kept me from sleeping.

There being still someone I had not visited on account of them not being home I found them today and had a pleasant conversation. I have held up as the best proof of the truth of this work that by doing the work our faith in the Lord is strong and by neglecting doing, our faith becomes weak. This I have observed in visiting among the people. The doers of it have implicet, the neglectful are slack in faith and doubtful, proving the truth of the statement of Jesus in ST. John Chap. 7:17; also Matt. 7:27-28.

The opinion of the people is that my visit here has done a great deal of good.

Jan. 29th

In making ready to leave the town and in going out to say goodbye to some homes I had made friends of, I was lead to visit a young couple whom I had missed. Finding them at home and entering the house I know not what to say; after singing a song and reading a chapter in the New Testiment I commenced to talk to them on the Gospel the spirit seemed to lead and they were soon under the influence, asking several questions which were answered to their satisfaction. After taking dinner I left them feeling well and thanking me for my visit.

Feb. 15th

Sunday I attended meeting and spoke to the people.

Monday and Tuesday we visited and Tuesday evening we had four more new members for mutual. Having now finished visiting and having visited 54 persons.

Feb. 17th

Brother Albin Bell took me to Brooklyn in a buggy.


Feb. 18th

Commenced visiting this ward assisted by the Brethren

Feb. 21st

In visiting administered to a Sister

Feb. 22nd

Attended Sunday School meeting and Mutual in the evening. A good attendance.

Feb. 23rd

Brother Shaw fetched me to Joseph where likely I will be this week. Having got my list in readiness; when I get a companion I will be at work.

Feb. 27th

Having now gone through my list and held a meeting with the mutual and speaking to Bro. Frank Seegmiller last night over the phone, him telling me to go to Monroe and get through as soon as possible and come to Richfield, as he had received from headquarters a very interesting letter for me which meant that as soon as he was through with me to let me go home. This encouraged me very much and now I am ready to go to Monroe where I expect to meet next week and on the 7th go to Richfield to Priesthood meeting.


Feb. 28th

Having received about 20 names and in connection with the Mutual President called on the Bishop reporting ready for work. In connection with a brother Heber Swindel as my companion we commenced visiting the ward. We went over a good deal of the town finding but few at home. Some good testimonies were given expecially at a brother Hoges and to the effect that after being born into the kingdom of God and we neglected our duties it would cause the spirit to leave us, we would be in darkness and would not be able to refrain from evil and we will apostatize, if we do not repent. This is the first day here and next week we hope to meet with better success.

Mar. 1st

Sunday having likely the last fast day being in Sunday School and meeting I enjoyed the day, also with the rest of the saints bearing my testimony in meeting. Also a conjoint meeting in the evening.

Mar. 2nd

Had a card from Bro. Seegmiller that an interesting note was at Richfield for me (which meant my release) and for me to get through in Monroe as soon as possible.

Mar. 3rd

Having now visited all the names given me, and one of the brethren consented to take me to Richfield in the morning, I shall be off if the Lord will. Feel that I have tried to do my duty and that the Lord is willing I shall go home when it is right. If a person is willing to go when he is called, I believe he is entitled to go home when released.

Mar. 8th

Have now put in two days in Richfield, today being Sunday I visited Sunday School spoke a short time to the children and visited the different department. Richfield has a Model school, spoke to the people. The Bishop was determined to have me stay one day longer and when I refused was informed that they desired to give me a party before leaving the Stake. Was released Mar. 1st 1903.

Mar. 9th

Taking the train this morning, arrived in Salina shortly before 12 a.m. stopped off here according to promise.

Mar. 10th

Taking the train I arrived at Salt Lake in the evening where I took a car and put up with Bro. Edward Hansen, he when coming here from work was quite surprised. Stayed in city two days hearing the great organ, which indeed is a wonder. The weakest being as a voice of a man in the distant and the strongest seeming to lift the top of your very head.

Mar. 13th

Leaving Salt Lake City 12:30 P.M. I arrived home the same day 5:15. My two boys meeting me at the station tickled and pleased to see their pa once more.
In our meeting before leaving Salt Lake we were promised if we would forget home and cleave to our labors that all would be well at home and also with us. This has been fulfilled in my behalf. The folks at home was happy to see me home once more.

Mar. 15th

Sunday I attended meetings, spoke in both, also assisted Bro. Robison in administering to Bro. Chas. Smith.

Mar. 16th

Attended ward priesthood meeting where I met Bp. Clark and Bro. Hillier just home from the Capitol of our state. Bp. from the Senate and Bro. Hillier from the House, also here with the ones mentioned, spoke to the brethren.

Mar. 17th

We enjoyed a happy time with the Female Relief Society celebrating the Birthday of the same L.D.S. meeting house having an enjoyable time.
Work has already commenced, several houses being ready for decoration, and I have had the feeling that if I did leave some work last fall to go on the mission it will come back with interest this spring.

Mar 27th

In talking with one of the brethren about Mutual missionary work and its accomplishments, I remarked that I never enjoyed anything in my life as I did that mission and the way I felt, I must have enjoyed the spirit of the Lord and accomplished some good. Also that half of my success was due to singing a great deal, for when I met any one that seemed cold and there seemed to be no reception, I would sing to them out of the Sunday School Union song book until I felt that they were willing and ready to listen to my talk, and in very few cases did I fail to get them under my influence.