Lorenzo Swensen (1887-1955)

Mission to Scandinavia

Journal, 1909-1911


Transcribed by : Paul Lorenzo Swensen (1921-2004)

These notes are copied from the missionary journal kept by Lorenzo Swensen during his mission to Norway.

On March 15th 1909 I received a call from the First Presidency, to leave Salt Lake City, Utah for a mission to Scandinavia, November 5th.
All preparations were made and I took the train from Montpelier at 9:30 o'clock on October 28th 1909, arriving at Ogden 5:30 of the same day, where I visited with Alma Winters until Sunday October 31 arriving in Salt Lake City at 9:30. Took the car to the home of Hyrum Stevenson, with whom I stayed while in Salt Lake City. The afternoon was spent in attending meeting in the tabernacle and sight seeing.
Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 1st and 2nd were also spent in sightseeing and arrangeing such things as were necessary.
Wednesday, November 3rd, I did my Temple work.
On Thursday I arranged for my transportation to Liverpool and was set apart to labor in the Scandinavian Mission by Apostle Francis M. Lyman.

Nov. 5 Made a few calls and made preparations to leave. At 6:00 P.M. with
a company of thirty-two missionaries I left Salt Lake City for my

Nov. 6 For the most part of the day we traveled over the planes of Wyoming.
In the afternoon a few sights were seen.

Nov. 7 We arrived in Omaha at 9 A.M.. The place of most note visited was St. Joseph's Hospittle.

Nov. 8 Arrived in Chicago about noon. Secured rooms at the Majestic Hotel and stayed until Nov. 9. While there I saw Lake Michigan, some of
the sky scrapers, went through the post office and Montgomery Ward & Co's store. At 2:30 we left Chicago.

Nov. 10 Arrived in Niagara Falls about 10 A.M. The day was spent in looking
at the falls. Went under the Horseshoe fall and rode on the troley
cars, ten miles down the river and back, seeing the American Falls.
The Horseshoe Falls, Whirlpool rapids, the Whirlpool, Brock's Monument, The rapids above the falls, three arch bridges and one suspension bridge. Visited "The home of Shreded Wheat", was shown through the
factory and served a sample of their product which was very good.
At 7:20 P.M. we took the train for Montreal.

Nov. 11 Arrived at Montreal about 9 A.M. While there I saw the Post Office, the Wharves, the steamship Megasstic on which we were to sail,
several churches, domminion square or park.

Nov. 12 At 7 P.M. I went on board the ship Megasstic where I slept for that

Nov. 13 The ship left the docks at 9 A.M. cast anchor at 3 P.M. to wait for high tide so the ship could sail down the St. Lawrence river.

Nov. 14 Sunday. Not able to move on account of fog. Attended services at
l0:30 A.M.

Nov. 15 Began to move at 10:30. Made a short stop at Quebec.

Nov. 16 Sailing along alright. The water beginning to be rough. Some
members of the party a little sea-sick. Am still feeling well.

Nov. 17 The sea not so rough. All feeling well.

Nov. 18 Medium high swell. Some are sea-sick.

Nov. 19 High swell. Ship rocking quite badly. Strong south-east wind in
the afternoon.

Nov. 20 No change in occurance.

Nov. 21 Heavy head-on sea, checking the progress of the ship

Nov. 22 Sea not quite so heavy. Programe of races and contests held in afternoon
at 2 P.M. A concert consisting of music and recitations was held at 7:30 P.M. in the 2nd class salon.

Nov. 23 Ireland sighted. The sea very smooth. All of the company feeling
much better.

Nov. 24 Arrived in the Liverpool harbor about 2 A.M. Preparations were made and we landed at about 8:30. The company was met by Elder Jones who took us to the hotel and then up to the headquarters of the European
Mission where the Elders for the British Mission were assigned to
their fields of labor. In the afternoon I met my friend Elder Joseph O. Phelps who had been laboring in the Turkish Mission. The evening
was spent at the theatre.

Nov. 25 Arranged for my ticket to Copenhagen, then visited the Walker's Art
gallery and the Museum. Eight members of the company left the
Central station at Liverpoot at 2:30. Arrived at the Gremsby Docks at 7 P.M. After eating a lunch six boarded the ship Nidaros arring at Espborg November 27.

Nov. 27 Took the train at 11:43. Arrived at Copenhagen at 8 P.M.

Nov. 28 Sunday. Attended three meetings. Gave my first address in the
after noon meeting.

Nov. 29 Was appointed to labor in the Christiania conference.

Dec. 2 Left Copenhagen at 9:05 P.M.

Dec. 3 Arrived in Christiania at 12:30 P.M. Went to Mission headquarters,
Qusterhansgade 27.

Dec. 4 Saw a baptism

Dec. 5 Attended meeting at Christiania.

Dec. 6 Was appointed to the Drammen branch. Left with Pres Berg for Drammen.

Dec. 9 Made my first attempt at tracting

Dec. 12 Gave my first speech in Drammen

Dec. 19 Gave my first speech in Norsk (S. School)

Dec. 22 Was invited out to spend the afternoon with Miss Margit Erickson

Dec. 23 Purchased a pair of skeys and tried my luck at useing them

Dec. 24 Was invited out to eat Jule supper at Ryberg's.

Dec. 25 Christmas. Ate supper at Johansens.

Dec. 27 Sunday School Jule Fest. Had a splendid time. Some acquaintences
from Christiania were present.

Dec. 29 Were out to supper with Bro. Larsen.

Dec. 31 Had a feast. Spent very pleasant evening.

Jan 1st 1909 (should have been 1910) Ate supper with Antonsens (?).
Enjoyed the evening at feast.

Jan. 5 Resumed tracting. Had good treatment (?). One refusal.

Jan. 8 Was out snow-shoeing. Jumped 8 ft.

Jan. 10 President Berg and Anton Sorensen being in Drammen we had a feast at which a good time was had.

Jan. 16 Sunday. President Andrew Jensen, Conf. President Soren Anderson and Elder W.D. Norman were in Dramman and held meeting. Leaving for Tonsberg on Monday 12.46.

Jan. 19 Wed. Pres. Andrew Jensen and Pres. Soren Anderson returned and held meeting. Pres. Jensen spoke of his trip around the world also of his visit in Palestine.

Jan. 21 Friday. Went to Christiania, attended fest in honor of conference Pres. J. H. Berg, who left for home the following morning, also
Elder Alf E. Sorensen. Saw a baptism.

Jan. 22 Saturday. Went to the boat with President Berg and Elder Sorensen. At ll:00 A.M. attended a meeting of the Elders at which some business of the conference was transacted. In the evening went for a coasting tour up Holmkollen.

Jan. 23 Sunday. Returned to Drammen. Made my first attempt to speak the Norsk language in the Sunday evening meeting.

Jan. 24 Monday. Read the Book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price through (Norsk language).

Jan. 25 Tueaday. Finnished reading the book, The Pearl of Great Price

Jan. 29 Sal. Elder Herman F. Hansen arrived to take the place of Elder
James A. Stevensen as forestander of the Drammen branch.

Jan. 30 Sun. After Sunday School went to see the ski meet. Some very good jumping was done.

Jan. 31 Mon. Visited Bro. Svendsen and were taken through the glass factory, seeing the process of making window glass.

Feb. 1 Tues. Held feast in honor of Bro. James Stevensen who went to Christiania to labor, also Bro. Milo Tanburg who was to go to America Feb. 12. Had a good time.

Feb. 6 Sunday. Attended four meetings, also spoke in evening.

Feb. 7 Monday. Walked out to Lier and held a cottage fast meeting.

Feb. 10 Thursday. Had my first gospel conversation. Talked the best I could to a lady for over half an hour. Got along very well. Better than I expected I could. Had a feast or party in the evening, market day being held.

Feb. 12 Saturday. My Aunt from Holmestrand, Mrs. Arnold Frobose, call to see me, invited me down to see them.

Feb. 13 Sunday. Attended Sunday School, ate dinner with Carl Andraesen and attended meeting in the evening.

Feb. 14 Monday. At 5:18 took the train to Holmestrand to visit my folks. Spent the evening in chatting and eating.

Feb. 15 Tuesday. Took a walk out in town. Had lunch with a friend of my Aunt. Returned home and wrote some cards to my home. Took the train for Drammen arriving at 10:30 P.M.

Feb. 17 Thursday. Visited Nicoline Nilsen.

Feb. 18 Friday. Took the train for Christiania with Aunt Thora. We were met at the station by Julius Ungersness.

Feb. 19 Saturday. We visited Aunts Dorethy and Jonetha.

Feb. 20 Sunday. Aunts Thora, Louisa, Dorithy, Joetha, Mrs. Erickson and myself went to Vestre Baeruns (?) where we visited Uncle Carl. WAs very welcomed by him. Returned to Christiania 10:30

Feb. 21 Monday. The weather very stormy. Ate dinner with Aunts Dorthy & Jonetha. Spent evening with cousin Sigernd (?).

Feb. 22 Tuesday. Went to a bazar of work done by the lame. Saw some very good work.

Feb. 23 Wednesday. In company with Aunts Louise and Thora, cousin Sigurd, and another lady, went up to Holmenkollen. Had a very pleasant time. Ate dinner with Cousin Sigerud, went to a birthday party at 5:00. Attended meeting in evening. Elder Charles Petersen lectured on the Book of Mormon.

Feb. 24 Thursday. To a feast for Elder G. W. Christoffersen who returned home and miss Anna Holmsen who was to emigrate.

Feb. 25 Friday. Took Aunt Thora to the train. Ate dinner with Cousin Oscar. Attended in the evening.

Feb. 26 Saturday. Went to the ship and saw Elder G. W. Christoffersen and Miss Anna Holmsen off. Called on Aunts Dorthy and Jonetha.

Feb. 27 Sunday. Attended Sunday School. Called on Aunts Dorthy and Jonetha. Saw Uncle Carl. Attended meeting at 7:00.

Feb. 28 Monday. Called on Aunt Louise. Returned to Drammen.

Mar. 4 Friday. Attended a meeting held by two ladies. The subject was "Where are the dead." The doctrine was against Mormonism.

Mar. 5 Saturday. Visited Svendsen's in Glas vaerhet (?)

Mar. 6 Sunday. Attended Fast meeting. In evening meeting Elder Anton Sorensen spoke on "Where are the Dead".

Mar. 7 Monday. Attended a fast meeting at Bro. Kjelstad's, Lier.

Mar. 8 Tuesday. Distributed 200 bills for the foreding. In the evening held an illustrated lecture on Utah. Lecture was given by Elder Anton Sorensen.

Mar 9. Wednesday. Had fest in evening. An enjoyable time was had.

Mar. 11 Friday. Went to the station and saw Milo Tandberg who was going to America, off.

Mar. 13 Sunday. Elder Charles O. Peterson from Christiania was in Drammen and spoke on baptism. Ate dinner and supper with Elder Petersen's
aunt Elisa Olsen, one of the saints.

Mar. 15 Tuesday. Went out to Antonsen's and fishing. Caught nothing.

Mar. 16 Wednesday. While out tracting I met one lady who acted like the tract was poison. Throwing up her hands and going into the other room.

Mar. 18 Friday. Remodeled my trunk a little. In evening took a walk over the hills. Visited Maren Ryberg.

Mar. 19 Saturday. Went up to the pavillion in the afternoon and studied.

Mar. 20 Sunday. Went to the Bragernes Church for a few minutes. They were holding confirmation. In the evening meeting I made my first attempt at a sermon. It was very hard to use the Norsk language.

Mar. 21 Monday. Began tracting a new district, the finest part of the city. Had three referrals.

Mar. 22 Tuesday. Was out tracting. Took a walk up the mountain. Visited old Sister Biland and daughter.

Mar. 24 Thursday. Holiday. Skjaertossdag, so did no tracting. Took a walk up the mountain. The sun was shining brightly and the weather had the appearance of spring. Began to read the Bible through.

Mar. 25 Friday. Took a walk up to the pavillion. Spent the evening with Sister Helland.

Mar. 26 Saturday. Took a walk in town. Finished tracting a block. Visited Ludwig Larsen.

Mar. 27 Sunday. President Soren Andersen was present and spoke in the evening meeting.

Mar. 28 Monday. Took a walk up the hill. Attended a Baptist meeting in the evening at which two baptisms were performed.

Apr. 2 Saturday. Took a trip out to the glass factory. Went through an iron foundry. Visited Swensen's. Took a row over the fjord and back. Visited Niels Larsen.

Apr. 3 Sunday. Spoke in the Sunday evening meeting. Spoke 12 minutes. Attended confirmation services in Bragernaes Church at thich two of our members were baptised and confirmed.

Apr. 4 Monday. Held a fast meeting with Bro. A.L. Kjalstad. Visited Marie Antonsen.

Apr. 5 Tuesday. Visited Martha Biland.

Apr. 6 Wednesday. Visited Nicolina Nielson and mother, also Christian Johansen.

Apr. 7 Thursday. Visited sisters Maren Olsen and Julia Olsen. Tracted fifty-one houses. Was ordered to take my tract and go from one place. Took a walk up on the mountain in the evening. Had English school.

Apr. 8 Friday. Visited C. W. Svendsen, and Carl Andresen.

Apr. 9 Saturday. Took a walk up the mountain. Elder James A Stevensen arrived from Christiania for Sunday.

Apr. 10 Sunday. Took a walk up to the pavilion. Attended Sunday School. Took a walk up to the top of the mountain. Attended meeting.

Apr. 11 Monday. Visited Sister Louise Lyvestsen.

Apr. 13 Wednesday. Took the boat for Christiania, arriving 1:30. Went to lokal. Visited my cousin Oscar and wife. Went up to my Aunt Louise where I stayed during conference.

Apr. 14 Thursday. Attended choir practice. witnessed a biptism.

Apr. 15 Friday. Attended a concert in the evening given by the choir which was well rendered and well attended.

Apr. 16 Saturday. Visited aunts Jonetha & Dorthea. In evening attened the first meeting of conference.

Apr. 17 Sunday. Attend Sunday School and two meetings. At the afternoon meeting was called on to bear my testimony. Was apointed to labor in the Christiania branch.

Apr. 18 Monday. Attended two very good Priesthood meetings at which all Elders gave their reports and received instruction from Pres. Andrew Jensen, Olaf J. Anderson and Conference Pres. Soren Andersen. In the evening attended a good Fast meeting.

Apr. 19 Tuesday. All the Elders had a group picture taken. Attended M.I.A. conference in the evening also a party at aunt Louise's. Met Evin.

Apr. 20 Wednesday. Attended meeting in evening. President Andrew Jensen and Bro. O.J. Andersen were the speakers. Took a walk up to St. Anns haven.

Apr. 21 Thursday. All the missionaries to a trip to Bigda. Had a pleasant time. In the evening a fest was had for the missionaries. A nice crowd was present and had a good time.

Apr. 22 Friday. Attended a baptism. Two were baptised. Went with the saints out to Bigdo. Had a nice time. In the company with Elder Skousen attended an opera in the National Theatre.

Apr. 23 Saturday. Went to Drammen for a few days.

Apr. 24 Sunday. Spoke in the evening meeting.

Apr. 25 Monday. In the evening a fest was held for two saints who were to go to America. Nick Larsen, H. Gunerud. Also for Elder H.T. Hansen and myself. A very pleasant time was had.

Apr. 26 Tuesday. Took a walk up the south hill also up to Kloptjaern.

Apr 27 Wednesday. Took the train at 12:55 for Christiania. Attended meeting in evening.

Apr. 28 Thursday. Began tracting again.

Apr. 30. Went to the docks saw three off on the boat for America.

May 1 Assisted in 4 administrations and one blessing of a baby. Spoke in evening meeting.

May 4 Wednesday. Ex president Theodore Roosevelt came to Christiania for a three days visit, being the guest of the King and Queen. He arrived at 12:10 P.M. The seven Elders laboring in Christiania were together and saluted him as he passed. He took special notice of us being Americans.

May 5 Thursday. A meeting was held by a Mr. Larsen against us which we all attended Pres. Andrew Jensen being with us. The meeting was held in the form of a discussion. We answered them in all they said. Elders Sorensen and Petersen speaking for us. There were present quite a number of saints. The most of the congregation was in our favour. A minister was present and tried to run us up a stump but could not so got mad and left the room all the people laughing at him as he went out. In the evening we held a meeting in answer to them.

May 6 Friday. Theodore Roosevelt left Christiania for Sweden.

May 8 Sunday. Another meeting was held in Folketshus, at which we were present. Several spoke against us but we were able to give satis- factory answers to them all.

May 11 Wednesday. Three missionaries arrived from Copenhagen. One for here, one for Bergen and one for Trondhjim.

May 13 Friday. Took a trip up to Holmenkollen with five other Elders.

May 16 Monday. Went for a sailing trip. Also did a little fishing. Caught my first fish in Norway.

May 17 Tuesday. A celebration was held. A parade of all the school children
was had at 10 O'clock. Each school having their own band some of them being composed of small boys who played very well. In the evening we held a play meeting at which a very enjoyable time was had by all.

May 18 Wednesday. STUNG Stayed up all night to see Haleys comet which was to appear at 3 A.M. It began to come light about l O'clock so there was no comet to be seen.

May 20 Friday. Ate dinner with Sister Nielsen Trondhjem's Vien.

May 21 Saturday. Was out fishing all day with Elder Anton J. T. Sorensen. In the evening attended a play in the National Theatre with Elders Leroy P. Skousen and Hendriksen.

May 24 Tuesday. Visited two musaems.

May 26 Thursday. Saw the old Viking ship found in Tonsberg, also visited another part of the musaem. At supper at 5 O'clock, with Sister Johansen at 7, and with Sister Torkildsen at 9. 3 meals in 4 hrs.

May 27 Friday. Went to Drammen for a party in honor of Jenny Syversen and Millie Svendsen. Had a very pleasant time.

May 28 Saturday. Returned to Christiania.

May 27 Sunday. Attended meeting. Took a walk up to Eveberg.

June 6 Monday. Ate supper with Bro. & Sister Mjelda. Attended a cottage meeting out at Vaalringen.

June 8 Wednesday. Performed my first baptism. Babtized Ingaborg Marie Simonsen and Anna Johansen.

June 19 Sunday. An excursion for the Gren was taken out in the woods. A very pleasant time was had by all. Returned home 10:30.

June 20 Monday. Attended a funeral of a baby. Shook hands with a lady who was ninety nine years old. Baptized.

June 21 Tuesday. In the evening Elders Skousen, Monk (who was goung through on a visit) and I took a trip to Bigdo with some of the saints. Had a pleasant time..

June 22 Wednesday. Was out tracting, received fourteen referrals. Had two good conversations.

June 23 Thursday. At 9 o'clock we took a trip out to for the night it being the longest day. Was laid up for a week from falling while playing.

June 28 Visited the museum with Elder Mittchel from Germany.

June 28 Visited Holmenkollen.

July 1 Friday. Apostle Rudger Clausen, Pres. of the European Mission and President Andrew Jensen arrived on a visit and held a special conference.

July 3 Sunday. Conference was held at which all the missionaries were present. Some very good meetings were held and a very enjoyable time was had. In the evening meeting appointments were made. I was again appointed to Christiania Branch.

July 4 A fine Priesthood meeting was held lasting for 4 1/2 hours. In the afternoon we had our picture taken. A nice meeting was also held in the evening. Met an American girl who was visiting in Sweden.

July 5 Tuesday. Baptized Maren Larsen.

July 8 Friday. Visited Sisters Berglie Simonsen and Clara.

July 9 Saturday. Was appointed presiding Elder of the Hamar branch.

July 10 Sunday. Spoke in evening meeting using about 25 minutes, being the longest.

July 11 Monday. Visited aunts Dorthy and Jonetha. Made ready and took the train for Hamar at 3:20. Had a very pleasant ride, seeing some very fine country. Arrived at Hamar at 6:15. In the evening took a walk out the okd church ruins.

July 12 Tried to get a man to haul my trunk home but could not so had to borrow a wagon and do it my self. Gathered up all the tracts and books belonging to the branch. Was feeling very lonesome and discouraged.

July 13 Wednesday. Feeling some better. After eating breakfast we took our books and took a trip over Hamar and studied all afternoon.

July 14 Thursday. Took a boat ride on the lake, also took a fine bath.

July 15 Friday. Took a walk out and studied.

July 16 Saturday. Did some studying.

July 17 Sunday. Sister Otine Iversen called on us also Marie Hall. Took a boat ride in evening.

July 21 Thursday. Made preparations and left home at 6:15 A.M. for Eidsvold. Walked from Hamar to Mimre a distance of 52 Kilometer. On the way we found quite a few strawberries also had a good hard rainstorm. Took the train at Mimre and arrived at Eidsvold at 9:30. Got lodging at the Nielson Hotel.

July 22 Friday. Got up about 8:30 stiff as a stick, had breakfast and went in town to try to find some of the saints. Found track of some in Nygared. Walked to Nygaard, found Mads Olsen and family (he not being at home however). Were well received by them. In the afternoon we took to H____ Hansen Dal St. Was also well received by her. Ate with them and returned to Olsen's where we stayed for the night. During the day saw some very fine scenery of pine groves and fields of grain, hay and turnips. Walked 18 Kilometer. Had a fine bed and slept well.

July 23 Saturday. Walked to Eidsvold 6 Kilometers. Took the boat for Gjorvik and from there to Hamar. Had a fine trip, saw some very pretty scenery.

July 24 Sunday. Took the train to Christiania at 12:00 arriving at 4:45. Attended meeting in the evening.

July 25 Monday. In the evening attended a feast or party for Pioneer day. Had a good time.

July 28 Thursday. Was out tracting had a very good time. Two conversations and ten refusals.

July 29 Friday. Pres. Joseph F. Smith, his wife and son, Bp. C. N. Nibley, his wife and two daughters arrived at 7 A.M. on a visit. A meeting was held in the evening which was well attended.

July 30 Saturday. The President's party left for Stockholm at 6:45.

Aug. 6 Saturday. Left Christiania at 9:45 for Odalen with Elder U. I. Nielsen and Sister Anton Sorensen. Arrived at Skarnes 12:45 where we were met by Bro. Sorensen. Took the boat up the river. Ate dinner with Sister Thora Breadesen. Walked up to our home. It was a vey nice house, nicely furnished. Were given use of the whole house.

Aug. 7 Sunday. Held a Sacrament meeting with Sister Grunhild Sanderud. At 2 o'clock held a good meeting with some strangers, at 8 o'clock held another good meeting with some other strangers.

Aug. 9 Tuesday. Left home at 5:50 and walked to Skarnes where I took the train for Hamar, arrived at 1:45.

Aug. 10 Wednesday. Packed our trunks, moved the furniture and shipped the trunks by freight. Took the train at 12:00. arrived at Skarnes at 7:20. Walked to Vestbyen came just in time for a cottage meeting which had been arranged for with some strangers.

Aug. 11 Thursday. Left home 11:30 walked to Skarnes where we put up some posters of our meeting which we held at Gunard Kartrud. Walked out to Kartrud's advertising on the way. Had a good meeting though not many present. Left there at 12 arriving home at 2:40 being away 15 hours and walking about 16 miles or 23 Km.

Aug. 12 In the afternoon took a trip into the woods picking blueberries.

Aug. 13 Saturday. Took a short fishing trip to the river also another trip for berries.

Aug. 14 Sunday. At 2 P.M. held an open air meeting which was well attended. At 8:30 P.M. held a cottage meeting which was the best attended of any, so far.

Aug. 16 Tuesday. Held a meeting at Karterud's 8:30 o'clock. Raining very hard.

Aug. 17 Wednesday. Advertized meeting at Myrvold 8:30 o'clock. Met Miss Helene Holmensen at Ringnaes. Had a very good meeting in the evening well attended.

Aug. 19 Friday. Went picking blue-berries in a big rain storm.

Aug. 20 Saturday. Went to the post-office and visited Bredesens. Was out picking blue-berries.

Aug. 21 Sunday. Held a meet 2 o'clock with _______________ also one at 8:30 o'clock at the home of ________________.

Aug. 22 Monday. In evening held a meeting at Tomtund. Good meeting, well attended.

Aug. 23 Tuesday. Visited some saints and also a few strangers.

Aug. 24 Wednesday. In the evening we baptized Martinius Pedersen Sanderud, Elder Anton J. T. Sorensen performing the ceremony.

Aug. 25 Thursday. Left home 10:30 and went over to Viking. Visited Soren Viken and held a meeting with Ola Helerud. Returned home at 12:40 A.M.

Aug. 27 Saturday. Elder Sorensen and wife left for Christiania. Advertized a meeting for Sunday at 8:30 o'clock.

Aug. 28 Sunday. My companion and I made our first attempt at holding a meeting alone. Had a good attendance. Spoke for 1 hr. and 4 minutes.

Aug. 30 Had wash day down by the ditch. Went picking blue-berries. Hauled some rye and timothy.

Sept. 1 Thursday. Studied all day. We held meeting at Blistel. Spoke 1 hr 7 min on Faith.

Sept. 4 Sunday. Held meeting at Myrvold's spoke on the first four principles
of the gospel for 1 hr and 15 minutes.

Sept. 5 Monday. Took a trip out to Karterud leaving 10 o'clock and returning 8:30.

Sept 6 Tuesday. Went to the post. Helped Bredesens thrash rye by beating it.

Sept. 9 Friday. Took the train at 3:11 for Christiania arriving at 6:30. Attended a party in the evening for Elder Anton J. T. Sorensen and wife who went to Copenhagen and Elder J. W. Madsen who was transferred to England for his health.

Sept. 10 Saturday. Went to the boat with them.

Sept. 11 Sunday. Attended Sunday School and meeting in the evening.

Sept 12. Monday. Took the train for home at 9:45 arriving home in the evening.

Sept. 18 Held meeting at Leire's Lokken. Spoke for 1 hr 3 min on the Apostacy and Restoration.

Sept. 20 Tuesday. Left home at 6 o'clock. Took the train to Aarnes and walked from there to Bon. Stayed with Sister Olsen.

Sept. 21 Wednesday. Visited Eidsvoldbygsingen. Saw many things of interest from early days. Visited Sister Hanara Hansen. Returned to Olsen's where we stayed for the night.

Sept. 22 Thursday. Walked to Aarnes where we took the train for Skarnes. Walked about 70 miles.

Sept. 25 Sunday. Held meeting with Ole Holter at 2 o'clock spoke 1 hr 5 min.

Sept. 30 Friday. Made out monthly & quartly reports.

Oct. 2 Sunday. Visited at Sanderuds. Wrote a letter to their son in S.L.C. Did not hold meeting on account of confirmation.

Oct. 4 Tuesday. Held meeting at Adolph Ihlers. Spoke on resurrection and salvation for the dead. 1 hr 10 min.

Oct. 5 Wednesday. Visited some of the saints and friends. Packed our trunks. Painted the kitchen floor.

Oct. 6 Thursday. Left home at 5:30 and walked to the boat and took the train train for Christiania at 8 A.M. Went to Drammen at 3:18 P.M. Arrived at 5:18. Measured for a suit.

Oct. 7 Friday. Went to Holmstran, visited aunt Thora and family. Attended a recital of Ibsens.

Oct. 8 Saturday. Returned to Drammen.

Oct. 10 Monday. Attended a fast meeting at the home of Bro. Kjaelstad.

Oct. 11 Went to Borum visited Uncle Carl.

Oct. 12 Wednesday. Looked around a little. In the evening visited father's old school teacher. Was very well received and asked to return.

Oct. 13 Thursday. Walked up on the mountain. Could see Christiania and Omegn. Took the train at Sandviken for Co (conference)

Oct. 14 Friday. Pres. Andrew Jensen arrived to hold conference. Was called in on the carpet to ride the goat.

Oct. 15 Saturday. The first meeting of Conference was held.

Oct. 16 Sunday. Very good meetings were held. In the afternoon meeting the appointments were made. Was sent to Fr'stad.

Oct. 17 Monday. Two Priusthood meetings were held at which reports were given by all the missionaries.

Oct. 18 Tuesday. An illustrated lecture was held in the evening which was well attended.

Oct. 19 Wednesday. A fest was held in the evening for the missionaries.

Oct. 20 Thursday. Went to Odalen and took the trunks to Christiania.

Oct. 21 Friday. At 1:40 we took the train for Fr'stad arriving at 5:11.

Oct. 23 Sunday. Held first meeting in Frederickstad. Had a good attendance.

Oct. 24 Monday. A fest was held in the evening. Good attendance.

Oct. 25 Tuesday. Elders Henry O. Hansen and Joseph C. Christensen left on their way home by way of Denmark.

Oct. 27 Thursday. Visited sister Olsen ate dinner with her. Had English school in the evening.

Oct. 30 Sunday. Held Sunday School and meeting. Attended a concert in the big church.

Nov. 3 Thursday. Visited a saint some distance from town. Were well recieved. Held english school.

Nov. 4 Friday. Took the train to Fredrikshald. Attended their choir practice in evening.

Nov. 5 Saturday. Attended a funeral of a young girl and a choir fest in the evening. Had a very good time.

Nov. 6 Sunday. Returned home, held regular meetings, fast meeting at 3 P.M.

Nov. 9 Visited with a friend a short distance from town by name of Syversen.

Nov. 10 Thursday. Had very good english school.

Nov. 11 Friday. Visited Karen Hansen, Bossom.

Nov. 14 Monday Choir practice was held at 8:30 P.M. made my first attempt at leading a choir. It went very well for a beginning.

Nov. 16 Wednesday. Took a trip up to Sarpsborg.

Nov. 17 Thursday. Were out visiting and administring to some saints. Had English school in the evening.

Nov. 20 Sunday. Some of Fr'halds choir came for a visit arriving at 12:15. They took the train for home at 9:30.

Nov. 24 Thursday. Thanksgiving. Had a fest in the evening at which a nice supper was served. A good crowd was present and all had a good time. The Elders from Sarpsborg were present also Elder Oscar D. Jensen.

Dec. 3 Saturday. One year since arriving in Norway.

Dec. 12 Monday. Visited Sofie Lagerkritz and Johanna Janson. Choir practice in evening.

Dec. 16 Friday. Visited Sister Jensen. Evia.

Dec. 17 Sat. Took a trip to Larpsborg, looked at the falls a little

Dec. 19 Mon. Visited some saints and friends. Choir practice in evening.

Dec. 24 Saturday. A few of the saints spent Christmas Eve at the hall. Had a very pleasant time together.

Dec. 25 Sun. Christmas day. Held Sunday School and meeting in the evening.

Dec. 26 Mon. Trimmed Xmas tree. Jule Tree. Fest was held in the evening. A good attendance and a pleasant time had.

Dec. 27 Tues. Visited Syverse's family and Fru. Olsen.

Dec. 28 Wed. Went to Sarpsborg where we went skating on "Turne-vandet". The ice was fine and we had a great time.

Dec. 31 Sat. A fest was held in the evening it being New Year's eve. A nice crowd. Took Miss E. Larsen home to Grosvik. The roads were very slick. A very hard trip. Returned home 5 A.M. A Happy New Year.


Jan. 1 Sun. Held meeting alone, my companion being in Moss. He returned in the evening and we spent the evening with Olaf Olavesen.

Jan. 2 Mon. Spent the afternoon with sister Olsen. Had choir practice in the evening.

Jan. 5 Thurs. Elder Nils Larsen arrived on his way home. English school in evening.

Jan. 6 Fri. Were to a partt at Halvorsen's. Had a very pleasant evening.
Jan. 8 Sun. Ate dinner with Sister Olsen. Held Sunday School and Meeting.

Jan. 9 Mon. Went to the train with Elder Larsen.

Jan. 10 Began tracting again. Had not tracted for 4 mos.

Jan. 11 Wed. Visted Sister Olsen. Helped her count the names she has found of back relatives.

Jan. 12 Thurs. At dinner at Emma Olsen's.

Jan. 13 Frid. Elder James C. Johnsen stayed with us over night on his way home.

Jan. 17 Tues. Pres. Rasmusen came ona visit. We held meeting in the evening.

Jan. 18 Wed. Held M.I.A. and a short fest after.

Jan. 21 Sat. Pres. Rasmusen left for Larpsborg.

Jan. 25 Wed. Visited Karen Hansen at Bosso__.

Jan. 27 Fri. Visited Carl Andersen.

Jan. 29 Sun. Had the first good conversation for a long while with Fru Olsen and Martha Bostad.

Feb. 3 Fri. Visited Sister Jensen. Evia.

Feb. 13 Monday. Held fest for Jenny Andersen.

Feb. 14 Was at the station with Sister Jenny Andersen who left for Christiania on her way to Mexico. Visited Fru Olsen in company with Emma Olsen. Julie andersen was baptized in Christiania by Elder Hyrum Domgaard.

Feb. 19 Pres. Rasmusen came from Fr-hold. Ate dinner with Sister Olsen. Attended meeting at 5 P.M. and were to Halvorsen for the evening.

Feb. 20 Relief Society meeting at 3 P.M. Very good meeting. Pres. Rasmusen went to Fr-hold at 5:20. Choir practice in the evening.

Feb. 27 Mon. A fest was held in the evening, it being some sort of a holiday

Mar. 5 Sun. Alma Olsen, Signe Gulbrandsen, and Ester Kristoffersen were baptized in Christiania by Elder Hyrum Domgaard.

Nar. 6 The party returned from C. A lunch was prepared for them.

Mar. 7 Tues. The Elders returned to Larpsborg and we visited Sister Alma Olsen.

Mar. 10 Friday Took the train at 2:20 for Fr-hald. Stopped at Larpsborg. Arrived at Fr-hold. Choir practice in the evening.

Mar. 11 Sat. Took a walk up to the fort. A pleasant fest was held in the evening.

Mar. 12 Sun. Returned to Fr-stad. Elder Domgaard continued on to Christiania with Martha Rostad, who was baptized.

Mar. 13 Mon. Elder Domgaard and Martha Rostad returned from Christiania.

Mar. 15 Wed. Elder John Halvorsen came from Larpsborg.

Mar. 16 Thur. Visited Hansen's at Bossom. English school in the evening.

Mar. 18 Sat. Were out most of the afternoon finding a place to baptize. In the evening I baptized Carl Johan Hansen.

Mar. 19 Sun. Meetings as usual. Attended a meeting in Tivoli. What I call a fake. Ate dinner with Sister Olsen. Had a good meeting in the evening.

Mar. 20 Mon. The Elders from Moss and Larpsborg came. Relief Society meeting at 3 P.M. Good attendance. Elder Halvorsen took the train at 6:14 for Christiania. Choir practince was held at 8:30. Good practice. The Elders of Larpsborg left for home.

Mar. 23 Thurs. Visited the Hansen family at Bossom. Had a very lame back after.

Mar. 26 Sun. Elder Dopmgaard was in Fr-hold.

Mar. 26 Sund. I spoke in Larpsborg and Elder Lee Ross Christensen was in Fr-stad. We had a good meeting, there being 35 present. Had a conversation with 5 young ladies on polygamy.

Mar. 30 Thurs. Elder Holger M. Larsen arrived for a short visit. English school was held in the evening.

Apr. 2 Sun. Sunday School at 10:30 A.M. Attendance was 36, the best since I arrived at 'Stad. Took a walk out on Kraagerogen with some of the Saints. Fast meeting at 5 and public meeting at 7 P.M. both being well attended.

Apr. 3 Mon. Elder Larsen took the train at 8:10 for Christiania. Relief Society held meeting at 3 P.M. Choir Practice was held in the evening.

Apr. 4 Tues. Visted Carl Andersen.

Apr. 5 Wed. Spent the evening at the home of Sister Alma Olsen. Signe Gulbrandsen, Marie Eklund, Mathilde Eklund and Emma Olsen were also in company.

Apr. 7 Friday. Visited Sister Jensen at Evia and spent the evening with the family of Hr Syversen.

Apr. 9 Sun. Held a good Sunday School at 10:30. Took a walk up to Bjorndalen. Ate dinner at Sister Olsen's home. Meeting in the evening at 7 P.M.

Apr. 10 Mon. At 12:17 took the train to Christiania for Conference, arriving at 4 P.M. Went top the National Theatre in the evening.

Apr. 11 Tues. Was out with hand bills. Relief Society meeting in the evening.

Apr. 12 Wed. Was out twice passing out hand bills.

Apr. 14 The first meeting of Conference was held it being M.I.A.

Apr. 15 Sat. Attended funeral of Sister Meirdel. Confirmed Carla Olsen. Reported Fr-stads branch in the evening meeting.

Apr. 16 Sun. Three good meetings were held at which were good attendances.

Apr. 17 Mon. Two good priesthood meetings were held and a good time had. Pres. Andrew Jensen gave a lecture in the evening.

Apr. 18 Tues. Visited some of my relatives in company with Elder Paul Stromnes. In the evening the choir gave a concert which was well given and a fine attendance.

Apr. 19 Wednesday. The R.S. gave a fest for the Elders.

Apr. 22 Visited my Aunts in Bjargstein. Took the train at 6:40 for Fr-stad where I was appointed to labor.

Apr. 23 Held meetings as usual.

Apr. 26 Wed. A Sunday School fest was held in the evening. A good time was had. Received a nice present from the English school students.

May 1 Mon. The Socialists held a big time. Had a long parade or demonstration.

May 4 Thur. Pres. Andrew Jensen came on the 5:11 train. After supper I took a walk with him around town and the old town. Held a meeting at 8:30 which was fairly well attended. The Elders from Larpsborg and Elder Fikstad were present.

May 5 Fri. Pres. Jensen left for Copenhagen at 9:30. Seven years to-day since Apenes gate 15 was rented. In the afternoon the other Elders left for their branches.

May 12 Friday. Bededay. Took a walk up to Bjornaulen with Elder Berntsen and later in the day with some of the saints.

May 15 Mon. My companion was 37 years old. Relief Society was held in the afternoon.

May 16 Tues. Visited Hansens at Bosom.

May 17 Wed. Norges big day. A celebration was held in the city. The Elders from Larpsborg came down. Took a picnic party in Bjorndalen. Had an enjoyable time.

May 19 Fri. Visited Sigri Johansen and family.

May 21 Sun. Attended Sunday School and took the 2 o'clock boat to Larpsborg where I spoke at the evening meeting.

May 22 Mon. In company with Elders Larsen and Christensen I went to Rokkestad where we visited an old man. Returned to Larpsborg and took the train to Fr-stad. Choir practice at 8:30.

Nay 27 Sat. Pres. R.C. Rasmusen came at 5:10 P.M. from Christiania.

May 28 Sun. Held the regular meetings at which the Pres. was present.

May 30 Pres Rasmusen left at 11:22 A.M. for Fr-hald where he visited until Thursday.

Jun. 1 Thur. Took the train at 6:54 A.M. for Sarpsborg where I joined the Elders there to Rakkestad where we visited an old man. Returned in the evening.

Jun. 2 Fri. Took a money spending trip around town. Spent part of the afternoon in Bjorndalen.

Jun. 3 Sat. Studied and wrote a letter to the Paris Post.

Jun. 4 Sun. Held the regular meetings of Fast day. Spoke in the evening meeting.

Jun. 5 Mon. 2nd Pintsedag. Tok an udflugt to Bjorndalen. Had a very pleasant time.

Jun. 6 Tues. Left home at 2:30 in company with Herman Christensen, Hyrum Domgaard, Emma Olsen, Karen Johansen, Marie Eklund, Mathilde Eklund for Borum. Left there at 11 P.M., arriving out to the fjord at 12.

Jun. 7 Wed. At 12:15 A.M. the following were baptized by Hyrum Domgaard. Karen Johansen, Maren Hansen, Micael Hansen, Thora Hansen. Returned to the hansen home where they were confirmed. We left for home at 2:10 arriving about 5. The trip was a very pleasant one. Moss Elders came.

Jun. 8 On the morning mail I received a lettter from the Pres. saying I should move to Christiania to assist with the books while Halvorsen was away. We took a walk out to the sea to take a bath, but the water was to shalow. Went to the circus in the evening.

Jun. 9 Fri. The Moss Elders left for home.

Jun. 10 Sat. Held English School.

Jun. 11 Sun. Held the regular meetings. We visited Sister Alma Olsen after Sunday School. Spoke a few minutes in the evening.

Jun. 12 Mon. Had Relief Society meeting in the afternoon and Choir practice in the evening.

Jun. 13 Tues. Visited Carl Andersen. M.I.A. was held at 8:30. Was called on for a farwel talk. R.J. Knudsen was present. He was on his way home.

Jun. 14 Wed. Took the train at 7:49 for Christiania. Stoped over in Moss for about 4 hours. Arrived in Kania at 3:48. Attended meeting at 8:30.

Jun. 15 Thur. Arthur Olsen left for Fr-stad to fill my place.

Jun. 16 Fri. Began tracting. M.I.A. meeting. Elder Victor Mouritsen came in on a few days visit.

Jun. 17 Sat. Took a walk around the city, went out and had a bath in the sea.

Jun. 18 Sun. Attended the regular meetings. Witnessed a Baptism from Dramman.

Jun. 19 Mon. Pres. Jensen and party arrived at 12:15 P.M. Took a walk around the city with the male portion. Had a very nice meeting at 8:30 P.M. All of the party made a few remarks. It was fine to hear some real English.

Jun. 20 Tues. The company of visitors took the train to Danmark at 7:34. Victor and I took a trip up to Holmenkollen. Visited Brother Hansen Valds' home.

Jun. 21 Wed. Ate dinner with Anton Ljierdal. Tracting was good. Had a good meeting at 8:30. C.M. Nelsen was the speaker.

Jun. 22 Thur. In company with Victor Mouritsen I went to Fr-stad. In the evening we were up to Sister Alma Olsen's. Helped to make pine

Jun. 23 Fri. A celebration was held for the help of children. They had a nice parade. A party was held in the evening. Had an enjoyable time. Victor Mauritsen left for Danmark at 9:30 A.M.

Jun. 24 Sat. Had fest most of the day. Had a very good time. There were four ladies from Christiania.

Jun. 25 Elder Herman Christensen and I left at 7:50 for Christiania. Attended meeting at 7 P.M.

Jun. 26 Mon. Tracted in the fine part of town with the Roosevelt letter. Visited Hansine Marie Olsen.

Jun. 27 Tues. Visited Sister Engh.

Jun. 29 Thur. Herman Christensen went to Drammen. Visited Bro. Ruud. Choir practice.

Jun. 30 Friday. Visited Peder Vedberg and wife, had a very pleasant evening.

Jul. 1 Sat. Priesthood meeting was held at 8:30.

Jul. 2 Sun. Sunday School, Fast meeting and evening meeting were held. I spoke a few minutes in each.

July 4th Tues. Elder Anton J.T. Sorensen, his wife, Elders J.W. Andersen and Peter Johnsen came from Danmark. Packed a trunk for Bro Johansen who went to America at 3:20. Took a walk in town with the visiting Elders. Ate a fine dinner at 4:30. Did a lot of jumping. Relief Society was held at 8:30.

JKul. 5 Wed. Arose very stiff after jumping. A good meeting was held at 8:30.

Jul. 6 Thur. Took the visiting Elders to the train. Some of the Elders went out bathing Went with and took their picture. Attended choir practice in the evening.

Jul. 7 Fri. Visited a young man at the hospitle and Lolstad's. Went out tracting and visited John Nielsen in the evening. Spent a few minutes at a Barrett meeting.

Jul. 8 Sat. Took a sea bath in the fjord. The missionaries and a small portion of the choir took a two hour boat ride. Had a splendid time.

Jul. 9 Sunday School at 10 A.M. Were out on Kondoen during the afternoon, had a very pleasant time. Saw the ruins of an old Catholic closter. Meeting at 7.

Jul. 10 Mon. Took a bath in the fjord. Went out tracting. A baptism was held in the evening. Three children were baptized.

Jul. 11 Tues. Took a sea bath, out tracting and attended Relief Society.

Jul. 12 Wed. Attended a funeral of a little girl at 2;30. Had lunch at the home of the parents. Attended meeting in the evening.

Jul. 13 Thur. Bathed in the sea, out tracting. In the evening visited Sister Stina Hansen and took a walk on Carl Johan Gd.

Jul. 14 Fri. Out tracting, administered to a child of Goldsmith Pederson. M.I.A. meeting was held in the evening.

Jul. 15 Sat. Took a bath in the sea. Saw a Elder off to Copenhagen. Took a trip to Bygeto with some of the Sunday School. Had a very pleasant time together.

Jul. 16 Sun. Attended Sunday School and meeting. During the afternoon we took a walk up to the grave yard and garden.

Jul. 17 Mon. Administered to a child of Sister Christiansen on Vaalrengen. Visited Andersen's in Nydalen, had a very pleasant evening in lunch and different sport.

Jul. 18 Tues. Had a fair day of tracting. Visited Otelia Olsen. Pleasant evening.

Jul. 19 Wed. Went to the boats. Sister Torgesen and children and another lady left for America. Bro. C. M. Nielsen left for Copenhagen. Received a pair of shoes from home. Bought a kodak and an outfit for 109.50 Kr. Attended a good meeting in the evening.

Jul. 20 Thur. Took the train in the morning in company with Paul Stromnes. We went to Asker where we visited a home for the old. Went from Asker to Uncle Carl's. Helped hang up some hay to dry.

Jul. 21 Fri. Took a fine bath in the creek. Did some more work in the hay.

Jul. 22 Sat. Helped carry in some hay but the rain came and stopped us before done. We took our departure at 5:50 P.M. Rode to Sandviken where we took the train for Karnia arriving at 8 o'clock. The trip was a fine one. Had a splendid time, took some pictures.

Jul. 23 Sun. Regular meetings. Ate dinner with Bro. Hansen Valder.

Jul. 24 Monday. Elders Richard Christensen, Orsen Nielsen and I spent the day at Holmenkollen. The evening was spent in fest for the old folks.

Jul. 25 Tues. Elder Anton Sorensen and I went to Solemskoren where we arranged for, advertized, and held a good open-air meeting. Ate supper and slept with Edward Bergh, and Oscar Christensen who were spending their vacation there.

Jul. 26 Wed. Were out rowing and fishing.

Jul. 27 Thur. Got up and went fishing at 3:30 A.M., ate breakfast and took a nap. Went Dyring's where we had a lunch with Sister Became acquainted with two Kania girls. Left there for Kania arriving at 4 P.M. Got my first negatives--they were good.

Jul. 28 Fri. In company with Elder Thulin I went to Bosta where we took a picture of his wife's birthplace. We called on Hoviks where we stayed over night.

Jul. 29 Sat. Arose early, took a picture, ate breakfast and took the boat.

Jul. 30 Sun. Attended Sunday School after which we ate dinner and took a trip to Bygad.

Jul. 31 Mon. Attended a party at Kolstads in honor of Thea Hansen who was to leave for America on Wednesday.

Aug. 2 Wed. Saw Thea Hansen off on the boat. Attended a funeral of Pedersen's little daughter. Confirmed. Meeting in the evening.

Aug. 3 Took a bath in the sea. Baptized.

Aug. 4 Fri. Had an outing to Bygdo with some saints and friends. Spent a very pleasant evening.

Aug. 5 Sat. Elder Orson Nielsen and I took the boat to Moss. In the evening had a bath in the sea.

Aug. 6 Advertized and held a cottage meeting at Oluf Paulsen's. Had a small but very good meeting.

Aug. 7 Mon. Took a bath in the sea. Anton Sorensen and wife came on the evening boat. We four Elders took a boat-ride with the Pedersen sisters.

Aug. 8 Tues. Elder Nielsen and I arose at 4 A.M. and took the boat for
Christiania. Visited Sister Carlsen.

Aug. 9 Wed. Elder Richard Christensen and I were out tracting together. Had a splendid time. Meeting at 8:30.

Aug. 10 Thur. Took a bath in the sea. was able to swim just a little bit. Blessed a baby of Antopn Jacobsen.

Aug. 11 Fri. Pres. Rasmussed returned from the branches. Took an evening out to Bygdo in company with Elder Richard Christensen, Peder Veberg and wife.

Aug 13 Sun. In company with Elder R.W. Christensen I took the boat at 9 A.M. for Hovik where we held 2 sacrament meetings. Stopped with Ludvig Hovik.

Aug. 14 Mon. Was over to the ice bins where they were loading boats with ice. Gathered some water lilies. Took the 5 P.M. boat to Kania.

Aug. 15 Tues. Showed an Elder from England around the city.

Aug. 16 Wed. Was out tracting had a good time. Attended meeting in the eveing.

Aug. 18 Fri. Took a trip in the city and to Holmenkollen in company with Elders Andersen, Sanders and Petersen. In the evening a party was had for the choir members at which a good time was had.

Aug. 19 Sat. Elder Nielsen, Andersen and I showed Mrs. David Eccles and daughters around Bygdo and the Museum. Took a walk around the city with them in the evening.

Aug, 20 Sun. There was had a branch outing to Lutvandet where an open air meeting was held. Had a very enjoyable day in the company of nature
Aug. 21 Mon. Made preparations to go to Odalen for a short time.

Aug. 21 Tues. Elder Sorensen and I took the train at 9:45 and arrived in Odalen shortly after noon. We visited some of the saints and went to Ihler's where we stayed for the night.

Aug. 22 Wed. Made arrangements for staying at Ihler's for about a month. Visited some of the neighbors, made arrangements for a meeting Sunday and took a trip to the store.

This is the end of the entries in Lorenzo Swensen's missionary journal
The following entries were made in the same little book that contains the missionary journal of Lorenzo Swensen

1915 Nov

8 Mon. Began to snow, cold & dismal. My little Sweet-heart left for Salt Lake on the Ping Pong, ending a visit since Sept. 25. Do not like the loss of her company but am happy in the hope of soon meeting again.
9 and 10 spent in the regular order of business. Weather continues cold and light falls of snow.

11 Thur. Left Montpelier at 9 A.M. for Raymond in company with Vilate, Myrtle, and Kathleen to sing at the funeral of Eugean Eshler, arrived at 12, late, had a good funeral and got home at 7 P.M. Snowing and blowing, very cold but were well clothed and enjoyed the trip. Recd letter from Eloise. Spent the evening answering same.

12 Fri. Usual.

13 Sat. Weather some colder. Fair business. Attended theatre in the evening, took Clarence. The play was "The Struggle" played by Theo Lorch, & company. Very fine work on the stage. Showed a fine moral lesson. Wish my girl was with me. Am lonesome but very happy.

14 Sun. Attended the regular meetings except S.S. Did some writing and reading. Spoke in the evening meeting.

15 Mon. Weather slightly warmer. Usual work at the yeard. Only one week since Eloise left, it has seemed rather long. Spent the evening in coppying minutes. March to June.

16 Tues. Joseph and Vilate left for Salt Lake this morning to be married. A fall of snow during the night and continues by spells all day. Evening. Worked at Nell's cupboard and writing minutes.

17 Wed. Usual work. Recd letter from E. Answered same evening.

18 Thurs Daily order of work. Attended choir practice, first in some time.
J. & V. married.

19 Fri. Weather continues stormy. Repaired back gate. Bishop's meeting in evening.

20 Sat. Not much business. Loafing a tiresome job. Did more at cupboard. Coppied a few minutes.

21 Sun. Attended all meetings. The day has been very lonesome and long. Have written minutes, played violin and every thing to pass the time. Good meeting in the evening. Bro. Jno W. Jones was the speaker.

22 Mon. Average day. Car of lath and shingles came in. Put Nell's cupboard in place. Student came for an hour. Subscribed for 1000 shares of stock in U.I.Co.

23 Tues. Business very good. Order placed for 10 to 12 M. feet 2x6 by Pacific Fruit Express Co. Threshers came at 3 P.Mm, worked til 7. Finished. Recd. letter from E. and answered.

24 Wed. Business very good. Weather cold, light fall of snow. Attended entertainment. Mrs. Fisk lecturer and cartoonist.

25 Thurs Thanksgiving day. I am thankful for life, health, a good home and honerable parents, membership in the true church, happiness and all that makes life worth living. Also very thankful for a dear friend that loves me.
Have spent part of the day in work on Nell's cupboard at the shop. Enjoyed a good dinner. Did some writing and other odd jobs. A dance held at the Pavillion. Did not attend.

26 Fri. Usual duties. No Bpr. meeting. Worked on Ward books. Good headway.

27 Sat. Finished delivering 1000 ft. of lumber to Pacific Fruit Express Co. More writing in the evening. Finished Historical Record to date. Also got a good line up on certificates.

28 Sun. Usual Sunday duties and meetings. Report meeting. Had charge of music in S.S. for perhaps the last time. At the 2 P.M. meeting Home Missionaries Transtrom and Keetch were present who spoke on the work of genealogical research and Temple work. Took a life membership in the Genealogical Society of Utah, also subscribed for the magazine. Read story in the Improvement Era.

29 Mon. Usual work, etc.

30 Tues. Same. Letter from Eloise.


1 Wed. Business quiet. Finished hanging glass doors in cupboard.

2 Thur. Business very quiet. Got out account list. Showed over $3200.00 on the books and due. The Jubilee Quart of the Lyceum course was given. Good program.

3 Fri. Usual order of work. Weather mild, thawing. Called on Joe and Vilate for a few minutes, nicely fixed and seem to be happy.

5 Sun. Priesthood meeting at 9 A.M. Was released in Sunday School as
Choristes. Jos. B. Tueller appointed to the position. Had good Fast Meeting at 2 and also good meeting at 7.