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Recent additions to the site:

Added 30 Dec 2012:

Ole Swensen (1861-1929), Home, Montpelier, Idaho
Clarence Odean Swensen (1889-1985)
Clarence Odean Swensen (1889-1985), Home, Montpelier, Idaho
Winslow Swensen (1909-1993)
Winslow Swensen (1909-1993), Home, Montpelier, Idaho

Added 30 Sep 2012:

Christian and Karen Petra Larsen Hogensen, Bear Lake Pioneers
Iris Swensen (1906-2008)
Iris Swensen (1906-2008), Funeral, Address, Kendall
Iris Swensen (1906-2008), Funeral, Program
Iris Swensen (1906-2008), Obituary

Added 22 May 2011:

Mary Jane Hogensen (1866-1956)
Christian Hogensen (1830-1899)
Christian and Karen Petra Larsen Hogensen, Handcart Pioneers

Added 21 Feb 2011:

Lorenzo Swensen (1887-1955), Mission Journal, 1909-1911
Lorenzo Swensen (1887-1955), Group Missionary Photo, 19 Apr 1910

Added 1 Nov 2010:

New page for Andreas Henrik Arnold Froböse (1867-1933)
Updated page for Thora Svendsdatter (Svendsen) (1864-1944)

Added 29 Mar 2010:

New page for Svend Larsen (1821-1893)
New page for Thora Svendsdatter (Svendsen) (1864-1944)
Additional photo of Thora Svendsdatter (Svendsen) (1864-1944)

Added 13 Aug 2006:
New page for Ole Swensen (1861-1929)
Ole Swensen (1861-1929) Personal History
Ole Swensen (1861-1929) Y.M.M.I.A. Mission Journal